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Dividend Payments Form

Receiving Dividend Payments and Notices electronically is as easy as 1-2-3....Read more

Investing 101

The terms saving and investing are often misused and confused. If you are planning to do either, you need to know the difference. Investing is when you use your money to purchase assets – for instance stocks...Read more

Financial Glossary

Our financial glossary includes over 200 financial terms to help as a financial tool to learn popular financial terms, like loan, credit, bank, financing and more. We have grouped them alphabetically...Read more

Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has made a mistake at some point in his or her lifetime. In investing, however, some mistakes can be costly. Nevertheless, there are important lessons to be learned from each of these mistakes...Read more

Investment Selector

The Scotia Investment Selector® is an easy-to-use online tool that will help you allocate your investments among the three asset classes - in proportions that are right for you. You should review your plan every...Read more

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

On your way home from work, do you drive in the slow lane or the fast lane? Each person has a different propensity for risk. When investing, this risk tolerance can be used to determine the percentage of your...Read more

Financial Calculators

Scotia Investments has created some useful calculators. Whether you want to ensure you meet your retirement goal or simply to calculate your FX Scotia Investments is here to help...Read more