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Money Management Guide - Newlyweds

Money Management Tips for Newlyweds

In any long-term relationship, finances are important, in a marriage, more so. Whether you're about to get married or have already tied the knot, it's a good idea to discuss money with your partner... Read more

Tips to follow when purchasing a Home

If you're like many freshly minted couples, now you're thinking about buying a home of your own -- with plenty of storage space for the wedding gifts you actually kept. But how do you know if you can afford...Read more

Ways to Solve Money and Marriage Problems

Some people say money is the root of all evil; that may not be far from the truth when it comes to marriage problems. Money is a huge source of strain on many couples, from managing money to not making...Read more

Five Money Problems Couples Shouldn't Fight Over

While you and your spouse will never agree on everything, there are certain things that couples shouldn't fight over. Couples are bound to argue from time to time - in fact, you might not have much in common...Read more

Having Children with a Financial Plan

Having a child is a beautiful thing, but also highly expensive. Parents have to adhere to the fact that once children are conceived, they are their responsibility, financially and in every other way there is...Read more