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Money Management Guide - Women

A Woman's Guide

Women are faced with numerous conflicting factors when retiring. On average, women will live 7 years longer than men, yet only earn an average 76% of a man's salary. Combine this information with the...Read more

Things to Consider When Sending Your Child Off To College

In sending your kids off to college, you are allowing them to be responsible for a larger amount of money than they're accustomed to. Their needs and wants have grown at this point, as well as the pressure they...Read more

Teach Children To Save

Teaching children to save and spend wisely usually involves some trial and error, essentially, what is important is that they develop good saving habits. Parents should always lead by example because if...Read more

Suddenly Single…Financially Secure

Financial upheaval can further complicate the emotional turmoil associated with separation, divorce, or the death of a spouse. You ask yourself, how will I survive on one income? Will I be able to maintain my current...Read more

Budgeting for Baby

So you've just found out that you are pregnant, pretty exciting! Like any good parent, you are already planning all the great things you are going to do for your child, and how special that child will be. You...Read more