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Scotia Premium Money Market Fund (PMMF)

Scotia Premium Money Market Fund is ideal for investors looking for a regular stream of income without having to tie-up their money for specific periods of time. Read more

Scotia Caribbean Income Fund (CIF)

Scotia Caribbean Income Fund (CIF) is a USD denominated bond fund that invests in debt instruments issued by countries and corpor ations that are members of the CARICOM economy. Read more

Scotia Premium Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)

Scotia Premium Fixed Income Fund (PFIF) is designed to provide investors with yields that ar e higher than those available in the short- term Money Market.Read more

Scotia Premium Growth Fund (PGF)

Scotia Premium Growth Fund (PGF) is a leading equity based unit trust investment scheme that allows investors to participate in a professionally managed fund with a proven track record. Read more

ScotiaBank Mutual Funds

ScotiaBank Mutual Funds are set up specifically for the investor who wants to achieve the right balance of high return with low risk. Read more