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Our Commitment to Service

Scotia Investments is pleased to offer a five-pillar commitment to serving our clients:

Experienced Professionals:

You will have access to a team of experienced professionals, within Scotia Group Jamaica and Scotia Group Canada, who have the expertise and experience in the fields of financial industry and investment management.

Complete Relationship:

We offer complete and efficient client relationship management services by providing a one-stop financial shop to address all financial needs. This includes brokerage and treasury services, financial and research advice, and all other financial support.

Incomparable Service:

Through our efficient in-house operations, we provide timely and relevant financial reporting, focused investment management and efficient client relationship management. We maintain high service standards in addition to a complete package of investment solutions.

Objective Guidance:

We provide prudent investment management advice and recommendations which take into account not only your return objectives but also your overall risk tolerance. Each asset class is assessed based on its risk adjusted returns. Our objective guidance is governed by your investment policy statement and all relevant legislation.

Tailored Approach:

A personalized investment portfolio will be tailored to meet your risk and return objectives and detailed investment policy statements will be prepared at regular intervals.

Why should you choose Scotia Investments Asset Management?

With a smaller client base, Scotia Investments has succeeded in maintaining the highest international service standards. We are able to: