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Scotia Investments' Unit Trust is an investment scheme that provides the opportunity for investors to put their savings into a common fund. This allows them to take advantage of investment opportunities that are not normally available to individuals. The funds are used to purchase a portfolio of securities in accordance with the guidelines of both the Fund’s Trust Deed and the Unit Trust Act.

Our Scotia Premium Fixed Income Fund is a registered Unit Trust scheme managed by Scotia Asset Management (Jamaica) Ltd. The Fund is designed to provide investors with yields that are higher than those available in the short-term Money Market. It takes advantage of the after tax effects of not withholding taxes on invested funds.

The Fund seeks to provide premium returns to investors through investments in short-term instruments that include Government of Jamaica securities, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper issued by creditworthy institutions, and similar types of securities issued by selected overseas entities.

Although no guarantee of yield can be given, the very nature of the investments ensures that the investor will be provided with the optimum combination of risk and return available on the market.

*Scotiabank Mutual Funds is the brand name under Scotiabank affiliated entities, including Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited, market and distribute Mutual Funds and Unit Trusts in Jamaica." Important information concerning the investment goals, risks, charges and expenses of investing in mutual funds is contained in is contained in the Unit Trust’s offering memoranda. Investors should carefully consider these before investing. Copies are available from the financial institution where you are buying the fund and should be read before investing. Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are not guaranteed or covered by your local deposit insurance corporation, other government deposit insurer, The Bank of Nova Scotia, or its subsidiaries/affiliates. Unit values may change and investment returns for the funds will fluctuate. Past performance should not be treated as an indicator of future performance.

Scotia Premium Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)