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Scotia Premium Money Market Fund

Scotia Investments Management Team

Scotia Premium Money Market Fund is ideal for investors looking for a regular stream of income without having to tie-up their money for specific periods of time.

Get one step closer to your dreams by investing with Scotia Investments.

Supplement Your Income

The Scotia Premium Money Market is a liquid investment that aims to provide Unit Holders with liquidity and preservation of capital. Income distribution can be automatically reinvested by purchasing more units of the Fund, and are subject to withholding tax.

No Penalties. No charges.

Get easy access to all of your money when you need it with no charges or penalties on withdrawals. Now you can have the freedom you need to boost your income.


The Fund allows investors to either have income distribution reinvested automatically or deposited to their Scotiabank Account.

No Lock-Up Period!

The Scotia Premium Money Market Fund provides the investors with the added benefit of no minimum holding period and daily pricing on units. Enjoy flexibility with a fund that is more liquid than a repo.

How to get Started

The minimum investment in the Scotia Premium Money Market Fund is $150,000 
with Subsequent purchases valued at least $50,000.

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